Tuesday, March 15, 2011

unfinished card :( what do I do?

Hi everyone! I have been working on this card on and off for a few days and it just doesn't look right to me. I was hoping that maybe some of you could tell me what would make it look better. I really wanted to use some punny sentiment on it but I don't have those stamps yet. Any suggestions? Please help me!

I really don't know what to do with it? does it look ok? does it look unfinished? Please help me before this card makes me go insane! lol


  1. Such a sweet little owl!! If you want to add a little more I would stamp the sentiment in the bottom left side and then add 3 little rhinestones, buttons or some small embellishments on the top right side to balance it out. Hope this helps.

  2. I can see some big fancy script type font saying something like "Thinking of you" or maybe the owl having a dream with a thought balloon and a heart inside of it? Just some ideas. I love this card, the owl is so cute.

  3. This owl is one of my favorites!! :) I think your card is adorable, but I know how ya feel!! I have some of those 'sort of' finished cards laying around... What if you embossed the background or added a pattern paper behind him? The phrase I used last time I put this guy on a card was "Owl see you in my dreams..." but I also like 'Sweet dreams' and 'Thinking of You!'

    Whatever you do, don't go insane!! :)

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  4. Did you ever figure out what to do with the Owl card or did you leave it the way you had it. Such a darling card.


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