Friday, July 15, 2011

Good bye Dear Friend, Sad day in my Crafting space

Oh, today is a sad, sad  day in my crafting area. I have to pack my beloved Cricut into a small box and ship him back to PC.

 I have been having trouble with my Cricut and after many, many, many attempts to fix it, PC has decided to replace it. I am kinda upset because I only got it in Feb. but I am glad that it decided to mess up before the warranty went out.   Wanna know what was wrong? well at first it would just freeze up. if I stopped a cut, unloaded paper or anything it would freeze up. well we did a reset on it. Crazy thing to reset a cricut. anyhoo so after that it would not complete cuts, and it was chewing up my paper so I tried changing the blade, adjusting the speed, pressure and in some case size. It didn't help. well yesterday PC support had me to update the firmware which I was weary of because of my SCAL 2 but it still didn't help with the cuts. I had to call back and they told me that they would have to replace it. So I wanted to honor my cricut with some of my favorite projects made with it. 

I love you Cricut and I will always remember the good times that we had, and the wonderful memories that we shared.   
I will never forget you!!!!! 

With teary eyes,


  1. Sorry your cricut died! Mine was doing the same thing but my warranty had expired. I just bought a Lynx because I have MTC and I can't believe how awesome it is!!

  2. Sarah I'm so sorry to hear about your cricut, but I'm glad they are replacing it for you. What a blessing it all happened under warranty:) The cards you posted are so cute! Hugs, Pam at

  3. Nice that it is under warranty and that there were no "issues" with the warranty since you use scal 2. That would have been my fear.
    Hope the time flies by fast:-)

  4. Hi Sarah, what amazing card creations you created with her and you'll do much more with your replacement. You do awesome work. I am now a follower. ~Shen

  5. Oh Sarah, so sorry about your Cricut. You have made some amazing projects with it! How wonderful that PC is sending you a new one. Hopefully it will arrive in short order. Congrats on winning one of the prizes at Whimsical Wednesday! ~ Blessings

  6. Oh no!! So sorry about your Cricut! Hope you get your new replacement soon, I just LOVE your creations!! If there is a bright spot in all of this, atleast it didin't die during the upcoming holiday season! So many great holidays are coming up for crafting! PC hurry up and send Sarah her replacement!!
    Hugs :0)


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