Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Paper Wreath

Hi Everyone! I hope that you are all having a wonderful week. I have been really busy this week, taking my mom to the dr. I have been able to squeeze out some craft projects at night and I would like to share one that I made the other day for my door. I seen this wreath somewhere but I can not remember when I find the site I will place the link Here!

This was really fun to make after I got all the papers cut.
So here's what I did:

8" Styrofoam wreath
4 12x12 patterned papers ( your choice)
Hot glue gun

Take the 4 patterned papers and cut in to strips that are 3" long by 1 1/2 " wide.  fold in half without creasing and glue the ends together. This takes the most time.

After you have all of you little paper loops prepared it's time to start applying them to the wreath.
I began at the very top alternating the pattern. Glue the loops down at the ends so that the rest of the loop stands up.

continue hot gluing the loops around the wreath in alternating pattern, At the center of the wreath I took 2 12x 2" strips and glued to finish off and cover up the inside paper loops.

Hang ribbon from top of wreath and tie bow.
Hang wreath where you please!

I hope that you will try this wreath out.

Oh I almost forgot, Don't forget to come back on Friday for Tisha and Gina's Bunny hop. There are some great ladies in the line up and I am sure there is going to be some great projects and blog candy!

Crafty Hugs


  1. Very cute wreath. You did a great job on it!

  2. What a wonderful idea !! Love it ! Funny colors :-)

  3. nice job with your wreath!! I am going to post this under my "projects I want to try someday" folder:-)


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