Monday, January 28, 2013

weekend recap and card

Hello Crafty Friends!
I hope you are all doing well today and that you all had a great weekend.

 My weekend was filled with highs and lows.

The Highs were
My hubby, my mom and I took my 5 year old Nephew Jordan to Chucky Cheese, and we had a wonderful time.
I got a new book called Organize now at Barnes and Noble
The lows:
ok! so when I am not feeling well I lay on the bed and watch videos on my laptop. I have a black raised stand that holds my computer, mouse and until Saturday, I would set my drink on there as well. I figure you have all guessed it by now but my rambunctious Chihuahua  Cooper
The drink spilling culprit Cooper
 Jumped on to the bed wanting to play and spilled half a can of soda on my laptop. I was so upset. Not really at him but at my self. I know better than to have drink near my laptop. I tried to dry up the spill, popped all the keys off my laptop and I thought that I had got it up in time. Well I guess I hadn’t. My laptop started beeping and acting crazy so I took the battery out and my hubby used the shop vac to try and dry it out, still nothing. So I looked online and most said to lay it upside down for at least a day. I was so upset and I couldn’t stop crying. I thought I had lost everything. I had no idea how I was going to replace my computer. I just had no idea what I was going to do.  Hubby dug out the old dinosaur laptop from the closet( I mean that computer had not been turned on in 3 years and it weighs about 10lbs) but I used it. Not happy about it but I did get to get online with it. 

Now on to the good part of my low!!! Today I decided that I would try to turn on my computer and Guess What?!? It works, well partly (having to use the enter key on the number pad) I am so super happy. I didn’t lose everything and all I am going to have to do is replace the keyboard. So YAY!!!!!

Ok so  now that I have typed you to death I wanted to share a cute little card that I made.

(click link above to order. when you spend $35, you can order a cute little valentine kit for just $10  Pic of the kit at the end of post)
The card is 4 by 4 with layers cut ¼” smaller.
I stamped with Memoto tuxedo black and colored in with my American Crafts colored pencils.
I used some washi tape instead of twine to go under the stamped piece. 
Then I added some rhinestones to the corners. 
Super cute card just to send to a friend to say Hello or thanks!

Thanks for stopping by, Make sure you come back tomorrow for my 1st post as a Kreative Karma Design team girl. I have something cute to share with you.

Crafty HugsJ
December 2012 Constant Campaign: National Papercrafting Month: Whooo’s Your Valentine?This is the cute little kit that you can get for 10 when you order $35 or more, The kit includes  12 die-cut boxes, 3 cardstock sheets, 1 sheet of silver glitter paper, 12 treat tubes, and an exclusive D-size stamp set created specifically for the kit! 

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